Tuesday, July 28, 2009


RSVP and the Australian Business Events Expo (nee Sydney On Sale) have made their co-location debut. So did it work?
The overall feedback appears to be a very resounding yes!

The two shows managed to maintain a different look and feel with RSVP really buzzing on both days while exhibitors in ABEE reported that the quality of visitors was just what they wanted.

While both shows had space to spare they each managed to sell more floorspace than they could in Melbourne.
Interestingly the attendance figures for RSVP were considerably greater than for ABEE. I assume this meant that more visitors came in via the RSVP entrance than via ABEE and it is interesting to see just what crossover ensued (I did note that there were ETF staff clicking counters at the crossover entrances). see ETF media release

Two exhibitors stood out in RSVP. Staging Rentals who once again sponsored The Hub which was built with their AllyStage and Decorative Exhibitions (the new expo stand division of Decorative Events) who custom built nearly 30 stands in RSVP and ABEE.

What's in a name? Most people are pronouncing the name of the former Sydney On Sale as Abby - no! it is A - B - E - E (Gab will reinforce that)

One of the notable exceptions on the exhibition floor was Staging Connections who were absent from both Sydney shows and RSVP Melbourne. Considering that SC owns ETF who in turn own RSVP and ABEE one would have expected them to be there with bells on. But they are now promoting a 10% + 10% discount offer so I guess that works better for them than promoting themselves through their own trade shows.

RSVP Sydney Party After Dark

If it weren’t raining it would have been much quicker to walk from SCEC to the RSVP party at GPO in the Sydney CBD. Because of the time of day (i.e. traffic) and Sydney’s one-way streets the buses travelled from SCEC up to the Entertainment Centre then down Hickson Rd to the Harbour Bridge, then finally twisted around to Pitt St to get to Martin Place – a distance of around 6 Km. The walking distance is 1.7 Km

One of the issues is that private buses are not allowed to park in George St – hence they have to go all around the town to get into Pitt St

The GPO bar is located in the basement of the old Sydney GPO with a large bar area and the smaller nightclub style Crystal Room. Guests were certainly ready for a drink following the scenic bus tour to the venue.

GPO served their signature food – a sushi train and pizza.

Plenty of networking opportunities were presented as the guests mingled then entertainment by the excellent Velvet Set – very impressed by a group of young musicians who can deliver the Miles Davis classic “Kind of Blue”.

Following a floorshow by The IT Girls featuring Natalie Conway (very Cabaret and Chicago) it was off to the Crystal Room for the after party – very loud and raucous.