Tuesday, March 02, 2010

AIME 2010 welcome party

Last night's AIME welcome party was a mixed bag

The venue was great - utilising old/unusual buildings for events is always a great idea and the public transport goods shed on Collins St (extended) is just great for events. Plenty of space and a historic aspect to it as well.

The food by Atlantic Group was excellent - plenty of it and plenty of variety.

The entertainment was the big letdown - it was mostly youngsters doing hip-hop dancing - so last century! It was also too loud. The main focus of these events is meant to be on networking and while many persisted it was oftentimes too hard - so people just moved as far from from the stage as they could so they could converse.

Last year's event at the Victoria Markets was in a very similar venue to this year's - so unfortunately that detracted from the spontaneity of the choice of venue for this year. But that would not have mattered if the entertainment had been chosen more carefully to suit the event.

The benchmark for AIME welcome functions was set 2 years ago when Jon Smith produced the event at Atlantic Group's then new venue at Central Pier.

the best of the entertainment featured some very talented and acrobatic drummers

more pix from the welcome reception

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